Do You need special playlist, with start, and end time in it? Use textarea below, and write it like that:

/file/path/video/1.avi|10|20 // starts at 10 second, and ends on 20
/file/path/video/2.avi|50|180 // starts at 50 second, and ends on 180
Separate each video with enter, and You can skip seconds if You wan`t or write them in time format, better example:
/file/path/video/1.avi|10|120 // start at 10 second, end on 120
/file/path/video/2.avi|1:20|1:30 // start at 1 minute 20 sec. and end on 1min30sec
/file/path/video/3.avi|1:20 // start at 1min20sec and go until video is finished
/file/path/video/4.avi // play whole video


REMEMBER! It`s live, javascript function. We don`t save your data anywhere.


* Save as m3u file button works with browsers:
Firefox 20+, Chrome, Chrome for Android, IE 10+, Opera 15+.
If You don`t have any supported browser, simply copy result text from textarea, create manualy file playlist.m3u. Then edit it with notepad or vim, and paste it. Thats it!

Start and end time params works for sure with VLC player.