Because we have very smart people in government i need to write here about cookie policy, billions of others sites need to do it!
Not 5-10 web browsers, billions of people. Smart right?! You know what is also smart? The fact, that when You visit any website, they use cookies instantly! Not when You agree with that.

So if You don`t know yet, Your browser sent to this server Your IP and other headers (like browser type, operating system). It`s happen on every website that You visit. You can disagree with that, but it was sent already.

This site use cookies from google. Because we use google analytics and google ads, You should see this privacy policy for details:

Not in the moment, but this site will use cookies in future for tools that require it and other functions. There will be information here about it.

UE brilliant cookie law

  1. 26 May 2012 EU cookie law requires websites to gain permission from users, before planting cookies
  2. User visit webpage and:
    • A lot of sites don`t have privacy policy, and any information about cookie. And will not have! Because this law is only in a few countries.
    • A lot of sites have wrong privacy policy.
  3. Now user have opened a webpage. He can`t be sure if this page use cookie or not - yet. (standard user, no web developer etc. )
  4. Best part: webpage send cookie to the user without asking! Yes, almost all pages do that!
  5. Then user see a little message, where they ask about it!
  6. If user disagree with that, he can leave webpage, but he take cookies anyway
  7. It`s so smart... no it`s not!

So how it should work?

It`s a lot easier to force few companies like google, mozilla, microsoft etc. to put good informations on first run of the internet browser, than billions of people to do it on every website.

But what you can require from the people, that create a law about bent banana and curved cucumber.