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VLC playlist generator with start and end time

Use UI list or textarea below if you need special playlist with start and end time in it. Time and title can be skipped in any row.

Time can be an integer or in h:m:s, m:s format with or without leading zeros. For example: 1,1:02 (one minute and 2 seconds), 01:2:33 (one hour, two minutes and 33 seconds)


/file/path/video/1.avi,TITLE,10,20 # starts at 10 second, and ends on 20
/file/path/video/2.avi,TITLE 2,50,180 # starts at 50 second, and ends on 180

Separate each video with enter, and You can skip seconds if You wan`t or write them in time format, better example:

/file/path/video/1.avi,TITLE,10,120 # start at 10 second, end on 120
/file/path/video/2.avi,TITLE 2,1:20,1:30 # start at 1 minute 20 sec. and end on 1min30sec
/file/path/video/3.avi,TITLE 3,1:20 # start at 1min20sec and go until video is finished
/file/path/video/4.avi # play whole video

Generated playlist:

* Save as m3u file button works with browsers:

Firefox 20+, Chrome, Chrome for Android, IE 10+, Opera 15+.

If You don't have any supported browser, simply copy the result text from textarea, create manually file playlist.m3u. Then edit it with notepad and paste it.

Start and end time params works for VLC player, but whole list without times can be used with any media player.

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Naser Ali

your previous tool before update is better than this one , before i can add the name of movie or ep directe from the url but now i can got it anymore


Naser Ali thank you for your feedback. I will add the title option maybe today.

-- edit

Title added, should be better now :)

Naser Ali

Still not the same feature as before , what I mean not to add title to all links . I mean to got title from same link and if there is same words in multiple links it will discard it and start the title from different point on all links.
Thank you for your effort and patient


Ciao mi scuso ma come creare una lista da mettere su iptv e guardare tutto sky dazn ecc. Mi aiutate?


As I remember there was filename populated to title field right? So if You add:


Title should be automatically populated with: "file"

It's ok like that?



Your script is broken when it comes to adding hours as times. When I enter for example 1:30:00 (which should come out as 5400), it puts out 3690, making the file start at 1:01:30 instead of 1:30:00. Generally, if you go over 1 hour, it starts of at 3660 (which is actually 1:01:00) and then instead of adding the second integer as whole minutes, it keeps adding them only as seconds, thats why 1:30:00 comes out as 3690.




I do not know the method of the developers on m3u list, for code such as Upcx12Frms.etc. And the IP address, because I tried but it doesn't work for me.
Thank you


Mi spiegate nel dettaglio come si fa grazie

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