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Seo text randomizer

It is a fully rewrited and upgraded version of previous Seo Text Randomizer. Instead of totally random permutations you can generate all possibilities so you can mark which one was used. Additionally there is a simple similarity check for first permutation.

Each permutation have own ID (#NUMBER ). It will not change if you use same text.

Write normal text, and if you can use few sentences in one place then use | sign inside brackets {}. For example:

My name is {John|Johny}

If you use this text, you will generate two combinations:

  • My name is John
  • My name is Johny

You can also use empty strings after separator:

{My name is|}{John|Johny}. {I like fruits|}

Permutations per page limit:

Please prepare your text, click Generate and you will see all combinations here

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Very good!

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