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Scriptun update

Site is totally new and prepared for different content. Some not used tools was removed. If you need any tool from previous site just leave a comment. More popular tools are still here, rewritten and upgraded. Prepare now for regular updates and subscribe to Scriptun Newsletter (footer). Drupal 8 snippets & tutorials coming soon.

  • new CMS system and design,
  • newsletter,
    • SEO text randomizer was fully rewrited and now you can generate all permutations, before you could generate only random texts,
    • preg_match it's now written in javascript,
    • VLC playlist generator have old textarea generator and drag & drop UI for easy editing,
    • What is my IP - fetch geolocalization data from external databases and shows browser info,
  • new functions:
    • parse_url, Tools - PHP - Url functions
    • rawurldecode and rawurlencode, Tools - PHP - Url functions
    • sha224, Tools - PHP - Hash functions
  • removed tools:
    • all from CSS category,
    • all from MySQL,
    • all math functions,
    • favicon generator,
    • hash function

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