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Thinkpad P53 with Ubuntu 20.04

Here is a little relation of my installation and summary. In previous article I installed Ubuntu 19 because Ubuntu 18 didn't work properly with Lenovo Thinkpad P53. Let's check Ubuntu 20.04.

Today (19.04.2020) I couldn't wait for LTS, so I installed Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa beta.It's stable enough now and on freeze so why not?!

Daily build install

I downloaded daily build from: (it was build from 2020-04-17 08:22 at the moment)

Backups done. USB prepared, lets reboot!

It didn't work, there was no install option in grub menu. Only manufacturer installation. I choosed to run Ubuntu and it failed:

Ubuntu 20.04 installation problem

Installation from releases

Next step I downloaded release from:

Standard installation failed :( I had error:

Ubuntu 20.04 journal problem

So I choosed to run Ubuntu live and installed from there. During the installation, there was error with downloading nvidia third party drivers. But after reboot Ubuntu works fine, except nvidia drivers. So I updated all with command:

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall


After few hours system works fine. Ubuntu 20.04 have finally fractional scaling out of the box (didn't tested yet).

  • Installation works from live Ubuntu only, and there is bug (already fixed, but not included in today release).
  • Daily build didn't work at all.
  • Fingerprint still don't work.
  • WIFI and docking station works fine.

So feel free to install, but don't use daily build and try to install from Ubuntu live.

New Ubuntu 20.04 features

There is a new Kernel 5.4, Gnome 3.36.1, theme changes and few performance features.

New folder icons

New dark folder icons looks really nice:

Ubuntu 20.04 folder icons

Fractional scaling

I was hopping that it will work nice out of the box, but for me it didn't. After switching to 125% on my 4K monitor it switched automatically to 200% (but option 125% was still selected). Few changes and my both monitors went black, good thing that reboot fixed all settings.

Ubuntu 20.04 fractional scaling

New dark theme

Looks really nice and I think I will use it:

Ubuntu 20.04 new dark theme

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