Few bug fixes and new MySQL tool - Table to text/html converter.

  • New tool: MySQL table to text / html converter - generate ASCII or HTML table from Your MySQL query
  • Added modernizr library for better javascript support
  • Fixed top menu collapsing
  • some server side improvements

So it`s happen. Site is totally new, RWD, and there is more tools too.

  • New resonsive theme, based on bootstrap so it`s simple like before!
  • New logo
  • PHP functions url`s are different now: /php/online/FUNCTION. Old url will still working, with redirect to new url.
  • Side menu with all tools
  • PHP functions are now grouped (math,string and url functions)
  • New group: CSS
  • New group: MySQL
  • New group: SEO
    • New tool: Text randomizer - it`s a tool that will help You with SEO text writing.
  • New PHP functions online:
  • New tool: Favicon generator - make ico from any image
  • New tool: VLC playlist generator - m3u playlist generator with optional start and end time for each position